Introducing Maro Elektronik

The focus of Maro Elektronik's activities lies in the development of the ScalesNet software which is used for the calibration of weights in accordance with the requirements of OIML R111 and NIST IR 6969. Maro Elektronik also develops the ScalesFPPK software which is used by for testing prepackage commodities in accordance with the OIML R 87th requirements. Both products are used for quality assurance and give the user the security of being in continuous regulatory compliance. User efficiency significantly increases by deploying our software solutions, eliminating process failures of the connected equipment. As the independent developer of ScalesNet we can assure that a wide spectrum of Comparators, Change Loaders and Robots, from leading manufacturers, can be connected and supported.

Maro Elektronik was founded April 1st, 1988

Its headquartes are located in Bretzenheim – Germany. The company focused on selling Business Grade PC Workstations, Servers and Network Solutions to Industrial and General Business customers.

In 1990 the company added software development to its portfolio. The first product was the development of CarRent, a management software for ‘Camper‘ and ‘Caravan‘ leasing companies. The software was distributed by the German ‘Wohnmobildachverband‘ organization.

For local automotive supply companies, Maro Elektronik developed some Test Equipment based on the 80C552 Microcontroller series. Specialized Microcontroller based Test and Control Equipment was developed for the ‘Stadtwerke Mainz‘ and the Mainz – Germany located MIP company.

In 1997 the development of ScalesNet was started, a since then continously developed total solution for Weight Calibration Labratories and Weight Manufacturers worldwide.

Sales of PCs and Network solutions was discontinued in 1998.

In 1999 the ScalesFPPK development started. The new version sFPPK supports an officer's task in weights and measure to control the prepacked commodities by weight and volume, both in the field and in the stationary verification laboratory. ScalesFPPK is being sold and deployed worlwide.

New Hardware Development Projects are now being developed based on the Atmel Microcontroller family.